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The injuries from a motorcycle accident can often be severe and catastrophic, if not deadly. Our Des Moines law firm's founder, Harley Erbe, is an avid motorcyclist and puts thousands of miles on his bike a year. He thus has a special connection to motorcycle crash victims because he's able to see things through their eyes in ways that non-riders have difficulty understanding. He's also familiar with the biases that motorcycle crash victims face when trying to enforce their legal rights. Harley is prepared to try to overcome those biases by explaining things from the injured rider's standpoint in a manner that's only possible if one is an experienced motorcyclist.

How do motorcycle injuries happen?

Motorcyclists are almost completely unprotected on their bikes. Most importantly, there's no protective "cage" around a biker like you'd find in most other motor vehicles. So when a car or truck hits a motorcycle or causes the motorcycle to crash, the rider and any passenger are frequently catapulted off the motorcycle and into the ground, a pole, a tree, a building, a motor vehicle, or innumerable other hard objects that cause devastating and often deadly injuries when the rider or a passenger slams into them.  

Frequent causes of accidents while operating a motorcycle include:

  • Failing to check for motorcycles while entering traffic

  • Failing to check for motorcycles while merging or making a lane change

  • Reckless driving or excessive speed around motorcycles

  • Following a motorcycle too closely

  • Misjudging a motorcycle's speed or distance because of its small size

  • Turning in front of a motorcycle

Fighting for motorcyclists’ rights

Our Des Moines law firm adamantly opposes and is willing to fight the "blame the biker" mentality that seems so prevalent among people who don't ride motorcycles. To them, it doesn't matter that motor vehicle drivers who cause an accident with a motorcycle often protest that "I just didn't see the motorcycle," that motorcyclists are often at no fault in their crashes, and that motorcycle riders are at the mercy of larger vehicles who simply don't see them and pull out or turn right in front of the bike. We firmly believe that motorcycle riders are entitled to the same protections that are provided to car and truck drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians and that motorcyclists should not be penalized and enjoy less legal protection simply because of their choice of transportation.

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