Representative Cases

We've had the privilege of helping hundreds of Iowans stand up for their rights and recover the compensation that they deserve. Here's a sampling of the results we've received for the clients we work for in various types of cases. These are merely a few examples of the people and businesses we've helped in the last few years. These case results do not guarantee or predict the same result in your case. Results may vary, although each of these cases reflect our skills and dedication to the people we help. Every case is different and has its own merits or weaknesses that must be evaluated by an attorney.

Employment Law

  • Trial court judgment for an office manager asserting unpaid wages and overtime, including a retrial after initial adverse decision was reversed on appeal.

  • Trial court judgment for employee who was unlawfully fired after supposedly refusing to take a drug test.

  • Numerous overtime law recoveries on behalf of employees who were misclassified as exempt or who were not properly paid for all overtime hours worked.

  • $275,000 recovery on behalf of a client who alleged whistleblowing retaliation.

  • $225,000 recovery in a disputed wage case regarding unpaid bonuses.

  • $140,000 recovery on behalf of a client in a sexual harassment case.

  • $85,000 recovery for a client who was who was unlawfully fired because of a drug test.

  • Multiple class action recoveries on behalf of restaurant servers challenging restaurants' minimum wage policies for tipped workers.

  • Multiple class action recoveries on behalf of store managers for convenience store company who maintained that they were misclassified as exempt employees under overtime law.

  • Class action recovery on behalf of assistant store managers for convenience store company who contended that they were forced to work off-the-clock without compensation.

  • Class action recovery on behalf of promotional employees for national hospice company who alleged that they were misclassified as exempt outside salespersons under overtime law.

Personal Injury, Products Liability, Dog Bite Law

  • Jury verdict and money damages in false imprisonment case on behalf of client who was stopped by store security and held in a room for over an hour without being allowed to notify her family of her whereabouts.

  • $350,000 recovery in an airbag failure case in which a car's airbag failed to deploy after a crash.

  • $300,000 recovery for a motorcycle accident victim.

  • $250,000 recovery on behalf of a client who was hit by a car and severely injured after a taxi driver ejected him from the taxi and left him on the side of a dark road.

  • $110,000 recovery on behalf of client who suffered shoulder injuries in a car accident.

  • Multiple recoveries on behalf of dog bite victims for bite wounds, medical care, and scarring.

  • Confidential settlement on behalf of an estate and family arising out of their mother's death after an attack by another resident at a nursing home. 

  • Confidential settlement after a wire retrieval basket broke off inside our client's body during a surgical procedure and had to be surgically removed.

  • Confidential settlement for client who suffered broken ankle as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Insurance Law

  • $500,000 recovery in a disputed accidental death benefits claim.

  • $90,000 recovery for greenhouse operation after greenhouse lost electricity, causing heater to fail and resulting product loss due to freezing temperatures.

  • $150,000 recovery for homeowners whose home was partially destroyed by tornado.

  • A confidential settlement on behalf of a farmer whose hog nursery was destroyed by a tornado.

Construction defect law

  • Jury verdict and money damages for homeowners regarding the defective construction of their home.

  • Trial court judgment for homeowners who claimed improper installation of concrete foundation.

  • Confidential settlement through which builder agreed to repurchase home because of substantial issues with its construction.

  • A settlement regarding commercial building defects under which the builder/developer agreed to undertake substantial repairs at its cost.

Business Practices Law

  • $950,000 trial court judgment on behalf of one member of two-member corporations arising out of the breakup and dissolution of the businesses.

  • Trial court judgment on behalf of contractor after customers refused to honor their contract and insisted on taking the case to trial.

Private Nuisance Law

  • Confidential settlement on behalf of group of homeowners regarding excessive noise from a warehouse operation near their homes.