Premises Liability

Iowa law requires property owners to keep their premises safe and provide warnings of any unsafe conditions. Private and commercial property are included within those obligations. Private and commercial property owners in Iowa owe the people on their property a duty to use reasonable care to avoid or warn of dangerous conditions and situations. Through a premises liability claim, property owners may be liable for personal injuries or wrongful death caused by an unsafe condition on the property or lack of warning of the unsafe condition.

Common causes of injuries or death on property that lead to premises liability claims include:

Failure To Remove Snow, Ice, Or Water:  This can cause slippery or unstable surfaces that cause pedestrian falls.

Uneven, Pitted, or Cracked Concrete Sidewalks:  Pedestrians can trip or twist or break ankles on poorly maintained sidewalks

Falling Objects From Or In Buildings:  This is especially true for large commercial buildings.  Any object falling from a significant height can cause serious head injuries.  Injuries can also be caused by falling merchandise inside stores.

Loose, Deteriorated, Or Inadequate Stairs And Handrails:  Especially when descending stairs, handrails that are wobbly or come loose can prevent persons from maintaining their balance and even cause them to fall.

Inadequate Or Nonexistent Security:  Commercial property owners, for example those who own shopping malls or office buildings/complexes, have an obligation to protect people on their property from criminal attacks.

Pedestrian And Parking Lot Accidents:  Accidents, including injuries to pedestrians, can be caused when commercial property owners fail to have proper markings and signage, such as crosswalks, stop signs, and speed limit signs, in their parking lots.

Iowa law provides strong remedies if you or a loved one is injured in a premises liability accident. You may be able to recover money damages for, among other things, past and future medical expenses, past and future physical and mental pain and suffering, and past and future disability or loss of function of the body. If the accident caused a death, an additional series of money damages for wrongful death may also be applicable. We invite you to take a moment to browse additional information about money damages that we've provided on our Personal Injury And Wrongful Death page.

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